happy b day tone

Cinema Paraiso
I’ve seen why the chickens cross the road
Quickly trying to survive
Put away instincts to look behind
Right in front of has been the title for this journey
Mahalo ola nani
Thank you for a beautiful life
I want to chill with the lazy gatos in the sunlight
Fly with the sandpipers scream at the horizons
With the nene gooses
Bite on a pineapple until the juice drips to toes
Embrace the fullness of life with no restrictions
Rigid rules arbitrary regulations
Hang on defiantly like that tree atop a mountain
That might no exist or still will if you never saw it
How did the mountain goat scale that Montana
In search of something like me
Dropped from there eyes open
Still figuring it out
I’ll say good morning to whoever while
Relaxing in the shade
Incredible to take first wobbly steps outta cage
Rub that sol in your face
Stop running in place for life’s race
Continue to wrap arms around memories
New that will become old
How do you describe paradise never seen
Just pairs of dice
That still shake with you in your dreams
Like this all happened déjà vu
Having reruns of greatest episodes
With the best crew family on the planet
Can’t understand it flow with the waves
Don’t got that ground squared away
Still renting reality
Air shaky because of gravity
One day you will flap your wings to soar
We can listen to each other
Sing the struggle and smile for distances
Unnatural and scowl at the factual fallacy
Pushed to fall over
First the privates then the nipples then the shoulders
To get used to the cool temperatures
Of that aqua lava life blood of mother earth
Trying to tread water
Swim away from slaughter
Rather put order of reverence to the elements to master
The first 29 years gone faster
Than I could learn
Burning to slow down the turning of the globe
Examining the meaning on the otherside
How could you be the best facilitator of the future
Finding its fate when your mind
Has yet to awaken the significance
Of each step taken
Somehow foggy
With the clarity of crystals
Forming into blown glass
Missiles blow the whistle
Ring the alarm charmed
With the swarm of molecules
Motivating you hunter gatherer
Something from nothing
Always add up the sum of your heart’s drums
Building that rhythm
The mission to go beyond maintaining
Training for the flaming
Of Babylon travel on the road to zion
Heaven right down the block
In the next projects
Profit from the experiences
Pour pain from the pocket
Acknowledge the prophet
Who don’t got that knowledge
Staring back in the mirror
Reflects a clearer picture
Of the scripture you manifest
Man at his best
Accepts beautiful flaws
Tragic triumphs
Effort not enough
Keep marching keep sparking
Light through mental darkness
If you don’t believe then who will
We can make time stand still with the silence
Vibrant thing to be alive
And bring forth every blessing
This ain’t no messing around
This is like lost but now I’m found
Got the crown of royalty
Nothing but love and loyalty
Let the day be proclaimed
In the name of the holy trinity
The hood always in the vicinity
Within me god like divinity
Sky keep going for infinity
With the wind to my back and front
Couldn’t stunt this if I tried
So much to see
So much more to ride
We got the world in our hands
But don’t know how to hold it right
Make conversation
Crack a corny joke
To break down any anger
No frustration in this imagined nation
Toasted bread luxurious land
Liberty in all I see
NYC CPG the mecca of the universe
But the way will be more milky
With stars starting fires
To electrify the mundo
Want the next of kin to feel like a king
Never flinch an inch
In the blink of an ojo
Never be flojo
Release these words as un despojo
Cleanse the spirit
Bathe those lyrics
In melodies so your loved ones
Can hear the echoes travel
Through the islands to the ghettoes
From a concrete jungle
To visions that make you stumble
For exact descriptions
The prescriptions been written
Those knocks to the head
Will help you read better
Take a shredder to the confidential
Hug the monumental
Freestyle to the breeze as your instrumental
Plentiful fantasies
Arouse sensitive emptiness
Let the blood flow freely
To feel righteous connection
No more failing your own multiple choice
You already have the answers
Give yourself a chance
To realize why before you say no
Gather your angels before you go
Pack your pen and pad
So you can record the most exclusive flow
Stay you
Love this life
Absolutely unquestionable

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