i see i says

I see I says

New dawn awakening to dark midnight
Stumbling to find vision hitting the positions
Where everything clicking

Back on mission rocket pointed at middle of universe
Folded tight on top of self centered censorship

Advising the parents the children are living explicitly
The broken symmetry has
The rough outlines of their research
Misquoting the footnotes of their ancestors
Plagiarizing the past
Only see failure in their future
But that’s fallacy will all fall in the same hole
Floating in the thick air

Amazing gaining grace from the gutter
Small wonders lead to giant habits
Daily with deadlines for damage
Not your average chimney releasing smoke signals
Howling at full moon for help
Lost in the wilderness of the city

The concrete has trails of tears
If you could connect the dots
You might find constellations
In the soft sticky cement

Vivid images turn foggy fuzzy
Analyzing the ugly
You found your screwface
Resembled the ice grill and gas
Held an ace but your poker
Made you show your weak hands

Strong for simple risks
Just walking is a death defying adventure
Your attention is a terrible thing to waste

Face forward in the mirror
What is the dull reflection of your glazed pupil

Why are you used to movement all around
Except your internal affairs have been investigated
By flaw and disorder

Feed the meter with quarters
So you can keep sparking

Getting darker earlier couldn’t capture the sunset
Right next to happiness

Sadness is salivating
But your squad smacked the bullshit emotion
For violating

Confidence is changing
Rearranging the reason for breathing
Your existence never just to get even
I’d rather run up the score
Make it a blowout and slaughter

All running to catch the same train
Pull the emergency brake if you really see evil
But please be advised
It don’t look like our people

Humanity beyond color
Our veins bathe in same blood
Sweeter than azucar causing you to smile and think
Eyes wide blink examine where is the brink
What are the barriers of your barrio

Existing between borders
Brought to respect elders
Honor your history

Your perspective has peaked
Your inspiration has reached
Another level of understanding faintly everything
But mostly absolutely nothing

Your palabras only matter
If you make it to manana

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