Tryin to hold on until tomorrow
Connect a bunch of yesterdays
Back with today’s promise
If you waste away you might not
Get the courage to say what’s important
Play by play color commentator
That examines the invisible grey of the rainbow
The window reveals the world beyond
Depending on your vision
You can keep searching forever
Never find your alma in front of you
A chance to turn it upside down
Drowning in a dried up puddle
Of what we poured
Explored what is integral
The interval a participle dangling
Strangling simplicity
Intricacy of engaging while impossible
What is highly probable is your uncertainty
Surgery to your perjury
Slice apart your lies
Stitch up your truths
Sins get separated
Chaos finally coordinated
Fry your frustration
Make sure it’s neatly plated
Your entrance admission
Will increase after you lose momentum
Taxed for your tardiness
Late fees assessed
As you are leaving love behind
Library of nonsense
Multiple volumes
Allow you to reference
What’s really hood
Regarding your search

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