Ridgewood Rigid
Let the rain clean the musty smell
Of leftovers money and food going to waste
Many good meals been forsaken
Forward motion doesn’t allow you
To rewind times to when you was getting it
Everything was Gucci
Or maybe at least a knock off
Where can you go when its rainy outside
Scribble along the page to keep your mind alive
The voices in the back attempt to distract
Wondering why those shorties running through the block
Turning up the temperature in a quest for trouble
Jumping above before searching below
The puddle shimmer while you shiver at
The distorted reflection gather your greatest perception
Might reveal your latest deception
How you tricked everyone into believing you
So gullible almost garish in your appearance
Gaudy where you are raised makes you nature naughty
Remembering those moments
Like the perfect mixtape stopped and paused
Recorded from the radio we still rip audio from the air
Eavesdropping down the surrounding sound
That inspires you inhibitions to escape outta town
Where else can ever be so familiar
Beyond first names you understand
The frustration on the front lines
But as soon as you lose faith
You have already lost face
A focused interruption
Constant corruption
Striking away instead of embracing
The natural entropy ebbs and flows
How the riptide pulls you under however long
You plan to stay submerged
Drowned in your own depths
Deciding how many separate deaths
No one will attend the services
Just tearful puffs
Saying damn that was my dude
No one wants a session with your suffering
A cipher with sad solitude
Its like yes man causes you to yearn
For everything else except your own needs
Even steal what remains after you bleed
Scavengers who won’t let you escape
Still picking the crust out your eyes after you awake
Fate depends on the next favor you aren’t willing to ask for
In the whim of a split second
You have decided dumb shit takes precedent
Over the priority of Pa’lante
Your flashback foreshadows more fuck shit
Future foggy like cars after being hot boxed
Block hot concrete like sand at the beach
Only the coast far from clear
Trying not to hear what is too difficult to see
Free when the most confined
Identify everything when blind
How can we live up to the legends of our minds
Don’t ever think loving yourself is a crime

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