been gone

enough; basta
            after dumb shit, end of always fronting

reaper profits
christmas bonus from our demise

evil will turn righteous spirit into zombie slaves

hard to behave
pacing in a cage
trapped by funky morals

which way do you grow
when shadows attached to shoulders

heart colder than
wind on wet naked skin

hugs craving human touch
if alone
a smile can reconnect

laughing at our tragic situation
such oblivious ignorance

passionate action requires
responsibility of heavenly presence

won’t communicate unless we can hear
clear conversation

tempting rushed judgement
we don’t see true representation

only angry archetypes
in search of stereotypical satisfaction

hatred distracts from core issues
missing point
reach for convenient scapegoat

soothe your confused soul
barely hanging by thinning scalp

sculpt statues out of doubt boulders
conference at crooks cypher
repatriate their pockets

thieves think tank
why fingers so sticky
at neverending feast ever full

assassins steal god’s light
for capital contracts spending
currency that couldn’t come back

revenge got us
losing pinky toes and stubby thumbs

until all that is left
is middle one

flipping off kindness
switch so eyes focused on faith

can barely feel our way through dark
so gloomy morning might not shine

reminded by mission
declaring gift to universe

what shall you offer to lift your fellow brother
how can you support your beautiful sister

we all pray towards the sun
on this tiny planet
earth we living

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