2002-2017. wow.

autumn boom

master plan
so called unbeknownst

fist bumps in place of daps
homie embrace

still ain’t doin shit
barely trust anyone

shook on humble
creep through on low

post up soak game
bricks sponge trees

scream where you at
you might die

bit drunker
move violation

less life
heavy breath

wet unaware
ripe for diablo plucking

absent minded gravity
swept off glass breaking

sirens shriek
light peak

hoody work
few dapper clappers

cannabis humor
17 blunts all but 9 got smoked
how many left

obvious answers
won’t cure drought

two types
existence or nah
we twisting or blah

spiders crawling
crispy creeper

are you using your gifts
some might blast you
for still visiting

not gimmicking lyric king
instant ko

rock them
top them
drop them
forgot them

forgive them
for living fucked up odds

throwback heater
stressed evaporation

impatient gloomy
clouds match anxious heartbeat

left out with no back up
pimping stretch marks
rest in peace scars

game real
few options left

lung aborted
constant chiefing

brief chance
enter leave

regain foundation
please believe

frosted not frosting

noodle knees
fuck what you please

we could always shake
mistake not money just principalities

what you would
how you will

afterparty stunnas hittas clappers
son son dun raised

new reaping steaming
buffet heaping where you creeping

everybody already know
your smackosity

monsters creating mentalities
ready for self destruction

young corruption
brief hostilities

brand new possibilities
become dubbed

club with empty pockets
brotherly grudge

fudge fingerprints
sign me in
cut me i cut you back

hold these divine beads
while two behemoths squabble

mother sister whispered
child be easy

why should your mother rest easy
while you kill each in front of my window

do what you can
but i known you since you were screaming
because of shitty diapers

have a blessed day
better have a conscience

addicted to nonsense
easy ot skip

casual light flip
right back to script

finagle dangle scheme
every angle

pain painted dark green
in mahogany skin

maroon grey
chipped flakes

queen chump style
plop your man forth right

saluting how you slouch
grouch grind bludgeoned terrain

distilled grain fermented bug
kitty game
purring at furry box

song of lonely fire fish bones
see where you been
what you’ve done

gargamels going after smurfs
big homie ghost floats over

chessboard beef
violation lead to ramifications

repercussions while rolling up
next potion will sink in shadows

tell you love me
for rest of how long i growl at your drum

grind off that bass
bang boom dropped at bus stop
next to lane called neverland

skeeters taste sweet blood
bust that pen open off lemon haze

eyes looked within where darkness echoes

come back home
if sky gotta call you twice
gonna break that bottom

addicted too many distractions
at your deliberate disposal

keep your composure
congrats on your tour
be safe and blessed

who pulls up and pushed out
how much longer than ever needed

believe in what is sold in 5x5
stamped with commemorative orange wilsons
red diablos smiling
wish for you to return show love
2 for 15 3 for 25 special

reach as far as elbows can stretch lactic
sausage fest of scraps at 3 in corn

funky fracas over pink bitch
holding hollow hatred

cradle what can make whole

chains crushed genealogy stomped
brotherhood disgusted

no need to get snuffed
conflict not for everyone

o you think you tuff
prove who foolish the loudest

bracking fracking rough
materials injected chemicals
beneath ruptured melanin

quell what demons lurk
scuffed skin

complacent con pecado
butter salmon or camarron al ajillo
a lo major dame langosta

supposed to be applying certain reglas
not be bangin like bad girls gone wrong

can’t we all just get along
save a day for brighter tomorrow

twisted with our trillness
flexing so unfulfilling

killing time
throwing alarm clock across
messy room

fluorescent light emit sonic frequencies
cause you to follow fuck shit

see concrete connect the dots for yourself
release yo delf
poke up your doubt to create
school project
unique snowflake with scissors

go outside
chrome point crew
by the big park circle
next to garbage cans empty bottles
in front of broken mirrors

clason point angel of the backpark

toss guts in grass
throw wrappers in trash

yall sound the same
each kingpin still asking for change

shame elephant sprinkler flying
stuck on ground

watching fools cut school to burn
within security of 4 fences 4 exits

peek over shoulders
visitors never protected

you got muck he got fire
what’s good session

dead them
leeches fall when autumn rushes

slugs crawl slowly
blink antenna eyes
bucks blossom butterflies

sneak into backyard bbq
all kin created from cups of concrete

benches turn to couches
catch breeze and breathe
bittersweet bronx river mist

risky hanging too long
daydream until sunset

silence permitted nightly
better to yell to be heard precisely

slide thru drive by
daps light up peace fully unto you
make moves for future reference
keep stepping

play area closes after dusk
don’t recreation
live off good times and bad luck

disposable income

preexisting condition with affliction
to ignoring cultural tradition

how can this transition into raw capital
suitable for social economic political guerilla warfare

known knowns
known unknown

hood shorties voluntarily give up
because of subliminal intimidation

plantations been preserved
invisible chains around decaying brain

withering body
unhealthy processed bodega
tasty synthetic food
hunger pains give ill attitude

students said it’s too dark in projects
can only read by streetlight

bleak vision fuzzy focus
they leave the tv on so commercials
can program their dreams

gold plated ghetto
is not as shiny as it seems with

delicious distraction
fashionable fads
terror trends

can’t recognize
who is enemy
who is friend

none left
vulture scavengers have bled
remainder of revolution

mosquito drone fly into ear
make you zone to lower levels

scan barcode of humanity
only see veins intoxicated

corrupt chemicals
inedible vegetables

seeds sown in contaminated soil
guns oil diamonds

carrot dangling silly rabbits
will never feast

ain’t no place safe
when eyes always watching

plotting sophisticated algorithm
disrupting electric signals
governing stressed nervous system

delayed reaction makes you
destroy your brother
slander your sister

misguided violence produces
empty existence

so ignorant never learned how to listen
mire bobito
pon atencion

greatest weapon is a burnt tongue
waiting to scream
declare the pain

we need world to change
overcoming internal conflict

soul guiding purpose
application of essential knowledge

critical to resurrection of reason
believe in pigment’s power

melanin reflection of sun
heart’s drum will forever keep a descarga beat

ready to improvise the inevitable antidote to poison
polluting our pa’lante

upon entrance
make a ninja like exit

leaving bodies behind you
with rest of tomorrow in front of
glossy eyes unafraid of frightful fate

is it all too late
to start making a comeback

nah son
ain’t where you from
how you break out that trap

look at those faces

mira esas caras
el cielo winks and smirks

got me believing divine
had fingers crossed when he was making us
promises he would eventually keep

did your hustle add up enough to merit
gifted and talented status that distances you
from your hood hardly recognizing your roots

you was on the block they discussed in class
and didn’t find any of those pathologies or theories
cited in academic articles footnoting your faith

laughed at lectures because professor ideas were all wrongly
based on faulty research

patriarchal genocidal white supremacy
hierarchy fallacy of savage natives
when all they do is take our creation

wonder why we so impatient

need to chill soak in the ocean skin a sponge
heart a drum to make the waves
crash against mind’s shore
memories overflood motivation
until immobilized
watching the movement maintain

while yall were up in vip
we were behind the velvet rope in the rain
hoping to shimmy shoulders until sweaty

shake off ancient pain lethargic lint
clinging to static shock as erratic clock

second hand skips precious few moments to never return

what did we actually learn as the mundo turned
what did we shout to make the world stop spinning

silent screams won’t deliver destiny
exclusive 16s might make you platinum

but the sun will only give you a shout out
if you up early to hear lovely livelification

don’t let that determination turn drowsy
beautiful day even if it’s cloudy
sky said what’s good fuck your frownys

stay true to your honesty
any probably should be most definite certainty

universe has no sense of urgency
but a thunderous cackle at your agonizing absurdity

mumbling your definition
fumbling with your tradition
bopping on the block
please stop bullshitting

it’s raining because the clouds
crying at how we living


peace blogspot!

about to be a wrap on this space. I am thankful to all who have followed this journey. what once was a foolish young man on a quest for knowledge turned into a foolish old poet who sees that love is always the answer. i wish everyone well. follow me in the new year on instagram @antmoralesnyc
twitter @antmoralesnyc facebook @antmoralesnyc .


pa'lante mi gente. you know where to find me if you need me. love.


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