September is the Best part of the Year, 2015

Sweet September Slide

Have you heard the one about freedom

Further away from cage
More yearning for chains

Diablo don’t want to let you go

Easier with stressed yesterday
Attached to this present moment’s
Ungrateful aspiration

Consequence of faulty policies
Petty procedures

To be sure
Scan the cliff notes contract for fuckshit
Clearly stated in fine print

Forget fantasy
Tropical see and see top pop
Let bubble drip

Math after disposable remainder
Skid mark streak stark reminder

Rusty rainbows beneath cutthroat clouds
Jealous how your skin sponge dirty water

Evil evaporates downpour of doubt
Dedicated despite drought

This limpieza turn chest inside out
Steal what I feel when I reveal what the dealings

Precise percentage almighty algorithm
Punch in data
Spit out promising perspective

Upfront oppression
Shadowy depression

Dragging comfortable cadaver
With impeccable creases
On century lease with daily payments

Compound fracture dusty bones
Exposed hollow tree trunks

Deteriorate core
Break at weakest point

Regenerate scattered pieces of original man

Control your soul
Chaos most charming flaw of character

Mellow meditate during disaster
Super structure founded on
Lazy eyed ghosts of forgotten massacres

Amateur aperture fuzzy focus in foggy film

Wind cries who gives a fuck
Weeping while you wait

Journey starts once you choose to escape

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