yeah i moved


Take a chance stage dive
When unexpected watch panic set in

Let syllables bungie
Gravity grounds you in the ghetto

Petrified perpetual
Reasons been regretful
Recent resent sent again
Return to sender
Low postage

Marked date forgetting everything
Except your laughs

Drafts with holes in windows
Too chilly to get snuggly
Brisk breeze pull skully tighter
Early riser sun won’t pull
Something surprising

Flicking mooga
Left pockets parched

No phosphoro
For back up clips to spark

Stark bleak stare
Widescreen off tint
Collide scope dark canvas

Who waits for
Tomorrow wasting today
Watching yesterday
Disappear hoping to blow up
Next week

All the ashes will resemble
Statues where shadows once stood

Don’t celebrate execution
Or rejoice in demise

Dance with divine one more time

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