better said no one misses me

Mejor Dicho

Let me say it better
I have not fully healed

No space for such shy
Fruity pebbles pink milk

Fall sink further into
Well done mistake

Who can relate
Except who always been on time

Slime from chemical residue
All this is long overdue

Petty scofflaw
Penalty inattention fine details

Spiritual forcefield
Repeals those demons

Serious integrity
Never had to schluck and gibe for sanity

Fist bump associates
Hugs daps for family

Handle tragedy as well as
Two tears
Same weight
Dropping in sequence

Broken grammar gives you
No pretense

Pass frank the blunt
Kind candor in choppy cadence

Tell me tomorrow we have clouds
Today been pouring

Honest dollar speak off screech
Squeak young pip
Gone with great expectations

What odds we facing
Chase what block will offer

Hold on to home
Stealing city less likely

Release bullshit lethargy
Pardon me dipstick

Take fridge off door
Step back inside

Provide for who makes you alive
Let faith be your guide

Boi become man
Never too late

You gotta say
What manana you will create

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