say my name


Weighing scales of justice
Seesaw heavy balance missing

Dizzy needle in rainy jungle
Puddle on top of glacier

Salt crystal at bottom of shaker
Small ant on blade of grass in ghetto acre

All praises to divine creator

Plowing path on planet rock
Floating in vast universe

No reverse abstract cyclical
Material deadened spiritual

Long travels circle enough laps
Turn dizzy

Not wrizzy until you concede defeat
Legacy of royalty

Describe concrete against warm insides

How much further can you take it
Threshold is stagnant alcohol
Mixed with gut acid

Thrashing like cat in cold water
Dame un refresco
Tengo que respirar

Ghetto scholar
Hood thespian

Spontaneous block theatre
Rare referendum
In pointless election

Perception outweighs politics
Porqueria infects your immune system

Is it possible to purge
Heavily processed perspective
Regulated with internal critics

Integral lyrics
Connected with your pride

In your darkest moments
Truth will let you survive

Working on fumes
From wombs zoom until tomb

Marked or undistinguished
Relinquish that pedigree

Effortlessly holding onto negativity
Distracted by intangible

Handle with kitchen mittens
Too hot to touch

Avoid the cherry on the j
Lingering too close to pointer

Raised to sky

Berrylicious morality
Never was sweet lies

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