Clason Point Gardens Poetry


After you hop off the Bx5
At the corner of Story and Noble
Head up the block to Hot Millz
24/7 convenience Lotto and Deli
for your preferred roll ups dollar Arizona
and Ham & Cheese on roll
before you go back to the lab
so you can eat relax zone out and don’t
have to go back outside to pass the chessboards
see Dee Lush wrinkle under orange ambiance
every Bloka watching cars criss cross twisted lane
what set you claim
what gang you bang
what up Tone session
why you keeping it moving
no longer chill while all the broke homies linger
everyone grew up passed on left behind
once was great
now outside way too late
lost can’t find
salvation on sale at corner store
no way to escape
we here until we find something better
never forget foundation
remember everywhere you fell down
scraped skin thought wouldn’t stop bleeding
what a feeling bags getting more brolic
Walk around every brick got similar flame product
So much fire
Burned away potential of powerful pueblo
Continuing legacy of broken barrio
Who will organize the tenants of Clason Point
All those years
Generations squeezed in couches
Any possibility of public private propriety
Instead infectious anxiety
PSA 8 still lurking for a security slip
Overnight trip
Throggs Neck Housing Precinct not even
43rd across slick street
Right next to People’s Firehouse with
Season’s Greetings Wreath
Peek from childhood windows
Might find best friend from next door
Paying drive thru visit
Cement spirit mimic ice grill lyrics
Every Soundview rapper brags about
What guap they got
But you real Sangre
Under federal indictment
Move quiet about how you get it
Nah so loud
Always advertise whatever emptiness available
Wise guy grey hairs gracefully exit
Out the game but you stayed past your prime
Now a shorty shit stain
Who used to be your doula
Wants to splatter extinction
Until you ain’t safe
To smoke in the same place
Bullets chase sharp poison
Bitter liquor sweet revenge
Don’t exist when you still on same bench
Disappear before sun drops temperature
Raises death as topic of conversation
Quick casualty
Coughing up what’s left of courage
Creeping around chest
Powerful mind weakest flesh
Fool school over sweaty chichos
At sausage fest sponsored by Hennessy XO
Very special
Influential insight inhibited because so much
Dumb shit disrupted long lineage
What legacy can we establish for our descendants
Bequeath reputation rotten hatred foul doctrine deceit
Pass along plugs if legit
Let me hold whatever’s remaining
After love evaporates
Meet up at Jimbo’s for best breakfast in regular radius
Built about where we been
Begin to embrace where we at
Hood is toxic trap
But our families held on to us
Push us forward never back onto cool curb pillow
Snooze how much lost
But rest of life here to gain
Every garden mobbing
Where’s the promise of hungry money
Historical district of urban planning
Benign neglect failure follows fickle finance
Food stamps fed us
Malnourished with nutritional deficiencies
From false profit
Never acknowledged for ambitious stories
Instead robbed of liberty
Lack of freedom
Prisoners of ignorant glory
Can’t blame brothers
Bearing beastly burden vicious victims
Of political impoverished public housing system
But bredren
It ain’t the illuminati
That’s killing our righteous living

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