are you still listening?

Dear Life, where are you taking me next?

Scream directly into my ears
Transcribe beauty of perpetual existence

No happy pill or butterfly effect
Will allow the perfect life

You think you know me
But you barely know yourself

Alegria Alafia brinca fuma baila
Feel rhythm rocking you until pen breaks

Elementary elevation
From cradle to cemetery

Draw blood to get a proper physical
Examine each strand of DNA for contaminated contraband

Make sure from balding head to big toe bunion is straight
Looking backwards only means you might bump into

Where you headed forward motion lets you sing hey!
Bring in the funky drummer keeping tempo
With eventual ending

Until then we shall
Stomp feet
Palms raised in salutation

Salvation from fingerlicking greasy bottom
Absolutely easy to sell your soul
Guaranteed routines

How do we pretend until mask breaks
Cracks fa├žade

Praises due to divine gods wonderful angels
Paint yourself saintly complete with halos and wings

Float into any altercation ready to sprinkle
Good and bad onto each shoulder

Contact will end conflict
Faith will free you

Be focused and committed to continual living
As long as you are allowed to breathe

Be inspired by opportunities to change tomorrow
Explain the pause for the cause to consider

Where we should be going instead of likely demise
What is a justifiable criminal enterprise
Profitable enough to project prophetic visions

When you walk let love speed your way
Heartbeats twostep a tiny dance

Moving fingers past margins
Observe lies between the lines
Difficult to find parts of your mind left behind

Don’t want you to be shaky
Where have you been lately

Saving up for seconds of sanity
Becoming hours of hope

Searching for stanzas to push paragraphs pa’lante
For brighter mananas

Promise love ASHE

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Anonymous said...

The first line in this poem is taken from a street artist who rides the same subway line as you. Bad form.