~N get the tilde right

You are not a pawn

Solo necesito amor y paz
Peace absence of tension

No pretending underlying agenda
Ultimatum take it or leave

How happy we are
When we first deceive
Hard to believe

Years evaporate with the quickness
Here you lay

In the midst of rubble strewn
Thrown away discarded

Old memories
Hard to target
Against wooden canvas

What remains after the damage
Unseen unheard mystery

Theory conspiracy all confirmed
Programmed to be part of plan

Don’t violate own code of ethics
What is most required
Your effort opposite of evil

Love can never be lethal

Harboring darkest secret can eat you
Internal inferno

Make it rain journals
Deep discovery

Carrying heaviest luggage
Below tattered portals

Don’t get caught in vortex
Of revenge and envy

We are blessed with plenty
Sufficient you should be satisfied

Sky done cried
Yelled for your yearning

No more yawning
Brand new era of energy
Is dawning

Rejuvenating respawning
Every 7 years

Godly menu
Sampling of select craft beer
World’s oldest beverage
Water and fermented yeast

Demented instinct to keep feeding the beast

Inquire frequently
Where have you been lately
What could you possibly need
To question when passion has been lacking

Clashing of tired titans
Exchanging pleasantries of sweet nothings

Crumbling pieces of cookies
Naïve thesis of rookie

Veteran of boogie down
Polishing shine of crown
While battling colonial depression

Reading Drown and Down These Mean Streets
Where a Nickel Costs a Dime
You could be Smoking Lovely
Seeing a Beautiful Struggle

Loving your Pelo Bueno
En a City that Never Sleeps
La Bodega Sold Dreams

But reality was more often
Puerto Rican Obituary
Stay inspired by Black Statue of Liberty
Singing the 7th Octave for SHE

No Noose is Good Noose
In this Republic of Poetry

Where we Imagine Angels of Bread
Cuba and His Teddy Bear
Better beware of Short Eyes

Give you Capital Punishment
Leaving you Kind of Blue

Searching for a Love Supreme

We ain’t Ready to Die
In this Illmatic innercity

Things Fall Apart
But One Day It Will All Make Sense

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