visiting andover 15 years later pt 2

…...these buns may very well be....
after AfLatAm 45th Reunion Weekend

blessings cloaked as controversial rejection
passing denial deaded with polite décor

mellow magic bedside manner so fidgety
you killed the mood even before possibility

let's broach bullshit approach nostalgia
with sense of getting family comfortable

presence requires greatness beyond sacred

what awaits after Great Lawn walking out
on song and dance same ol' shuck and jive

dig within archives to find ancient footage
timeless elevation

please crown me king
but don't call me brother
if you don't share my hustle

abstract art needs better frames
reference forgotten ideas fast

as smoke dances
under quiet streetlight tailgate

we fail to escape barbed wire gates
wrapped around memory lane

you have an obligation in perpetuity
preach community pride fluently

code switch at speed of claves clapping
behind your deeper conversations

adding action to jovial nonchalant rhetoric

give you imperative incentive
to respect my inherited Spanglish slanguage

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