peace mikey and corey, all pets go to heaven.

Light that shines special

for Mikey and Corey

can never forget you

thank you for letting me pet you

scratch that belly

behind ear below the fur

we all have constant itches

glitches in finite matrix

allowing for human contact

never domesticated

each moment was sacred

passionate solo if only just to dream

watch streetlights dance across

tomorrow's hopeful horizon

don't let the wind take away your ham

how thirsty are you for success

instant comfort mere humble mortal

blessed clock ticking away

from moment you emerge

make every word count

can you add up all the afterlifes

you wish you could regenerate

following tragic deaths

not a game

every day practice to refine

your simple skills

of breathing eating sleeping repeating

keeping company

bundle up snuggle to keep heart warm

safe spaces

that allow you to share

creative journey

a dot

pinch of dust

on a Planet Rock that can't stop

won't stop sun will continue grooving

moving towards love

around every corner

never worry

always walking beside

Mikey meow

Corey bark

in doggy kitty heaven

forever staying alive

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