peace tony medina

How to Be an American
            After Tony Medina

Adopt the Constitution as your Holy Bible
America Fuck Yeah is your ring tone
Pledge Allegiance to Fox News in HD
The Declaration of Independence was
only kidding about equality
Uncle Sam is always pointing out he wants you!
Captain America and Superman
are the Department of Homeland Security
Speedy Gonzalez and Taco Bell Dog
are your Mexican Idols
All Country and Bluegrass songs
will have Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya remixes
Follow your TV’s instructions
Sell your destiny for discount on Ebay

Have corporations sponsor your body
This synapse has been sponsored by Cisco
Every nipple named after Nextel
Lips provided by Loews’ Cinemas
Eyes reflected by RayBan
Medulla Oblongatta by Microsoft
Air you breathe provided by Apple
Private parts endorsed by Nike Just Do It
Describe all of these brands louder than your last name

Realize the President is more powerful than the Pope
Sell dimebags of democracy downtown
Hustle your halo why are you still holding on?
Consign kilos of confusion
Corner the markets with colonialism

Have a business plan for your beefs
in this day and age
no reason you can’t profit from pain

Buy freedom from the local farmers
but you will find your future in the freezer
right by the rotisseried bald eagle
meat juicy crunchy skin
tasty enough to suck marrow from bones
whether you like your liberation

fried or roasted

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