back to school


Shorties are leaning
Barely dreaming

Just moving through the day
Waiting to get to the night

Facing all their frights
As the light grows dimmer

Eating breakfast as dinner
Never feeling a winner

Always called a sinner
Never a saint

Painted pictures are murals
Telling dead homies to rest in power

In final hours just burning sour
With extremely sweet wraps

Show me what you got
And I’ll let you go

Cherries glow under chinky eyes
Never focused on the prize

Promise never delivered
Returned to false hopes

Where bubbles disappear
In foul breeze

Seizing the spirit to pray
Take control of time

Make those moments work for you
Minimum stage
Maximum gain

How will you profit from your pain
Instead of syndicating your shame

Wanna talk to young G’s
Partners are posers
Lames who play same mind games

Nothing left but
To stay brown and grow old

Keep your crown shining
Be brilliant and bold

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