plastic bag in breeze


Got love for empty hearts waiting to be filled
All that pain makes life real like your nerves are tingling

How much happiness do you let linger
Float around on faith; each follower wants you to fail

Can’t swim your ship already sailed
Deepest point of ocean go overboard and take dive

Blessings provided for you to survive
Angry mundo always plotting revenge
Towards open sky when you have reached end

Each of us perfect blend
Powerful seasonings marinated

Pobre nino don’t know where to look for hopeful hug

Streets will grip you and trip you
Evil will rip you from warm clutches

Diablo will tempt with truest desires something luscious
So much nonsense almost nauseous
When bugging out never too cautious

Truth is consequences are easily predicted
Insisted on your way now you have little say
On decisions determining final arrival
Accumulation at speed of snowflakes descent

Pray to live decent
Dip at most recent gravity

Primitive instinct with unlimited gimmicks
Intimate spirits within inanimate objects
Flawed logic stunts growth process

In la manana
Love is all we need to acknowledge

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