Gentrification Poem

An inglorious peace is better than a dishonorable war – Mark Twain

Stock full of flaws

Laughable if not miserable execution of humans
For no other reason than profit

Infinite bankroll for generations of grands
Stand upon stolen land speaking foolishly
Reaping benefits much to the dishevelment of barrios

Vulture capitalists smell rotting realty from 2 towns past
Crush corners put up luxury condos

Hood been gone yo
No signs of quick recovery

Crills and welfare stunted elevation
Same poison brand new packaging

Unraveling mysteries as you unwrap
Reassemble thin leaves

Sending smoke signals to confused stars
Wondering where you are
Why are you calling me with your petty concerns

On otherside of world
Bombs dropped on baby showers
Baptism was burning even corpses got charred

Monsters in administration
Violence makes them villians

Who is being protected
Who has all the weapons

What will it take for Joe Saltine to learn lesson
See beyond complexion

Who is illuminati machine really oppressing
Nightly news with Brian Williams is your check in

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