where you been at

please don't call it a comeback
been here as long as tears taken to dry

was that fly on the wall during every reading
was there in spirit when you slammed your heart

we all caught the blood
everyone fought the web wrapped around
nightmares right where the needle
meets the vinyl groove before first note
causes you to rewind selector

bring back that classsic from the top
no need for external affirmation
to make my dreams pop will believe
in personal possibility until gravity
drops apples causing epiphany

rapidly actually statistically if was
going with easy entropy likely wouldn't
even exist i won't ask for your permission
to cause you to listen

there won't be any choice
to acknowledge this voice
calling for recognition off rooftops

the air will pick up frequency across
breeze carry across seas causing ripples
in puddles every poem pieces to puzzle

don't need your help to make me spit
but sing along to my struggle

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