good night gorilla, good night moon

Anocheci enfermo
            Amaneci bueno…..

                                                                        -Jay Wright, “The 2nd Eye of the World”

watch the clock
run away without any sleep
during quiet twilight hours

should have taken sedative much earlier
to calm down caffeine

glad to make mother into grand generation
moves faster than you can stand

take steps deep breaths oxygen enough
to rock you to slumber comfortably

love the space given on divine clouds
connection to earth’s crust

truth is snoring loudly with eyes closed
slow motion slur

times passes so quickly all a blur
ponds and puddles never disturbed
try skipping rocks across wet surface

Jesus marched faithfully over deepest waters
you can barely take acid rain drops
stinging you on both temples

what images and memories
dreams and doubts dance around your mental

is it possible replace your escape
staying stuck within stubborn mindstate

don’t show up for your blessings too late
resurrection will give you a chance to elevate

Life will be better when you awake

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