Peace Maestro. Props to El Profe and Capicu

Something Simple
After John Rodriguez

Mama asked
You out there
Writing or puffing

Poet on park bench paranoid
Can’t avoid being naked

Santos scream
You better slide quickly or
Suffer reefer percussions

Scribble noise
So proud to be Story Avenue
Sound View rough drafts
Noble nightmares

Left block any chance could
Even though gone
Carry Clason Point in backpack

Move in silence
To the head so loud
You still smoking

Shorties still bugging
Homies grew up
Brothers outta town
Papa’s clubbing
Mama’s moving

Body weary
Bleak pastel shades

Steaming heavy
Too early in morning

Love’s hangover
Lonely shadows

Slow dancing diablos
Throwing piropos at cielo
Charm a silver lining out cloudy sky

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