check it out folks i don't know how long it will work but it is a link to audio of the anti hot 97 rally...
i couldn't make it but it was good to hear positive vibes being spread about the trash being spread on these stations.

things are good trying to plan el puente's annual hip hop showcase. it has been going on for like over 10 years with incredible poets mc's dancers actors creating a space for positive messages for youth. if any of my peoples want to holla for an opportunity to perform get at me, or i will get at you. we talking about early may. more to follow.

had the chance to build with jannine from liverpool. what are you f*cking sufflad?

let's not even begin with the knicks. i was at the garden section 421 row b seat 16 for the disaster of last second inepititude. i think we have the most number of lost games at the buzzer. sorry yall even though i believe, that felt like a dagger to me. props to the fellow knicks fan who i rode the train back uptown with, we both shared about 20 sighs of frustration.

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