nah mean


check it out a performance at my old high school....kinda crazy...shout outs to everyone at Phillips Academy in Andover, MA. the kids were amazing even the faculty was supportive. crazy moment of the night: the dance off remake of you got served. these kids are on another level.

I heard that Bush doesn't even come through for his reunions at Andover and I've been back like every year almost twice. It's kinda like someone getting their hoodpass revoked. But I don't get it twisted. In one second with one check that's it. He might have some sorta code of silence agreement around his tricks while a student. It's all good though. Look at the wonderful president he has turned out to be, and how great our beloved country is now.

Mi gente sleep calls. I'm supposed to be at the Nuyorican late night for the open room.

Hasta you holla

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