i write rhymes cuz life's that funny...

what is it?

i've been chilling. hope your holidaze was all good. mine were used to reflect recharge the battery. i went out to trinidad to just kick it, lime it up. shout out to the baker and john families in St. Madeline. i had a blessed chance to relax and get away from the grimey grind of nyc. been listening to a lot of fire like:

bisc1- the ep. (do you is the anthem)
the reavers- terror firma (mega mcs)
cool calm pete- lost (this dude is cool lunacy)
junk science
fantan mojah- give thanks and praise
any new raekwon the chef
surprisingly the new lil wayne - tha carter 2 (tha mobb is motivation)

trust me, i would not tell yall about something that did not move me. i've been looking for inspiration in many places and super hardcore or ultra underground has done it for me. beyond that EVERY OTHER FRIDAY I'm hosting the open room at the nuyo at like 1 am. if you around and feel like getting up on the mic, holla.

El Puente is beautiful.


ps studio time is coming. holla at me producers with beats!!!!

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