new shit been a while

Give this poem
the energy worthy
of defining your life

otherwise you just up here
producing background noise
while we drink
and I tell you
lounge music
far better captures the moment

Please scream about
conspicuous atrocity invisible anarchy
so that we can break down
the revolution
in a 3 minute 24 second song
to broadcast on Top 10s
across the fine nation

Summarize the struggle
in a 1000 words or less
complete with paragraphs
punctuation and footnotes
that follows MLA standards

Autotune your agony
so that your pain is pitch perfect

X ray your integrity
Plan an exit strategy
that will claim victory
in the war with yourself

Anxiety staged an occupation
on your confidence
which has been conditioned
to resemble a colony

Give love a lobotomy
Replace romance with reality
so that hunger dies

Happiness stands 6 feet above chance
Balance dreams and fantasy
so you can let the sun shine in
hurry hurry
step right on in
Make miracles from your morals
these minds can never go to waste
they all chase memories of happilyeverafter
with visions of brighter yesterdays

Confused by the directions
Afraid to ask questions
So let these thoughts these offerings
these psalms bring them
close to neverending critical consciousness

Make that shit cool

I dare you to drown death
and resurrect life
Turn the misery to money
Feed them hope no longer hungry

Push the wind to they back
as they grind in the streets
Dead overcooked beef
as they seek peace

Go right to the edge
Think twice about jumping
Realize the time you been here
been worth
the sum of your blessings
remainder of your nightmares

Wake them up
Realize right there
in the middle of palms sweaty
sometimes unsure timid
but always ready

To rise push pull
lands you never seen
Shake they souls
Summon spirits speak it loud

No more mumbling stumbling
with clarity they will hear it
voice regal triumphant and proud

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