for rs stay awkward forever

Preposterous monstrosity

From the depths of my past
Fried chicken capitalism conspiracy
Sacrifices resurrects the ghosts
Of ancestors who been freestyling with your fate

Feeling like the air is speaking right to you
Listen closely

Learn to fight fight to learn

Let the world rotate burn truth be sold
From what you can remember
Couldn’t afford the price
After worthily spending any amount of saving
Down to the pocket lint and the expired mint
That won’t refreshen the lesson far from

Planned the power within hands
Could relocate mountains right next to the projects
Where the experiment with closed spaces
Has made you reexamine the basis of your philosophy

Impossible how the battle for your conscience
Is between greedy angels and saintly demons

Breathing fire when you reject your hidden desires
You have yet to discover an antidote
That will cure your insatiatable hunger

Where are you running to so fast in place
When the finish line keep going further away

Your epiphany has surcharges
That will eventually be due before activating your account

Without a doubt your inspiration will fly south
Before your evidence heads north
Feeling back on the block
Though on the otherside of town

Whatchu talking about when there is no substance
Controlling the message
Before delivering the audience
You could rewind the replay
Won’t find what you left behind
Your definition been highly fuzzy
With only guesstimates
Of the guidelines to the ghetto

Whoever stands on the corner
Should have a fitted dunce cap
With engraved stitching showing your nickname

Your spit game only brings you nearer to the flame
Where your knowledge is easily disposable
Compose yourself with beautiful conduct

Whereas your abstract understanding
Has developed into concrete actions
That have deadly consequences that may revive

Redialed your regressions back to session
Where your freedom of speech equals freedom to dream

Often scheming instead of teaming
Where you so interested in seeming
not becoming fully human

Sincere integrity with severe levity
perhaps now is not the occasion for the fronting
if you care so much for the progression and elevation
please show me something

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