That’s what I do
Said young Gerald McGrew
I’d make a few changes
If I ran the zoo Dr Seuss

Why are these lions in a cage
With no roar
Why can’t they be the kings of the rumble
Let them play freely across concrete
Become our allies to defeat the enemy
We all striking out the same evils
The power directly goes straight back
To the people the children lead us
Towards harmony away from harm
Ring the alarm on all the lies told
Find yourself lost in the truth
Libraries overflowing
With the canon you created
To declare peace treaties
With pendejos who ignore
The poetry of life
But listen to the comedy of death
From here on
Let every breath
Be in tune with survival of Mother Earth
Who walked us down the aisle
Wiped our snot even cleaned our ass
All we doing
Trying to make that flame last
Reclaim your reasons
Reshape your reality
No more autotuning your tragedy
Your voice vindicating violation
Originally only wanted to speak your crime
Opening eyes and blinking
Even your nostrils flare
Got them besides self
Can’t understand the situation
All victims of different systems of plantations
Can’t escape the chain
Just loosened the lock as they tightened the noose
Ain’t screwed too tight
So gravity can let me swag
Never pretty boy more like gritty boy
If you understood my funk you might pinch your nose
Prose the dirt under my toes
Feeling connected to the ground
As it goes down we must make it rise
Hood should be fueled by renewable energy of cries
Every streetlight beaming
Instead of come up scheming collectively organize
Dictators assaulted my peaceful philosophy
One of my only toys was a cracked liberty bell
On the battlefield between
GI Joe and Cobra Commander
As a shorty I believed America was truly free
All that popular propaganda
Free your mind and your body will follow
Free your soul and you might smile tomorrow
Don’t let them put you in a cell
Make your chains rattle
If don’t know now you know
Knowledge is half the battle

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