big blues

More or less plain growth complicated
As looking away and you are bigger
Than few hours ago how do we
Evolve to our eventual demise realizing
We were born to die so what is inbetween
Moments meant to be redefined as longevity
Memories made with every opportunity
To be divine always with heaven’s masterplan
To win or lose however you played the game
Make sure your contributions to team
Were significant enough to be remembered
Attention paid you with interest compounded
By your fracture on stage hoping to break fly
Encore applause stand up to serenade
Your solo shadow standing under streetlight
To know how to keep scribbling crossover
An endzone celebration worthy of
A salsa riff coming at high point of the party
Usually around halftime smoke break
Gathering good vibes so you never feel hopeless
Larger potential for comeback when
No one believes in the underdog
Whose snarl matches his overbite
Blaze against the crying of your plight

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