what it is famalams,

it's been a long time i should have left you...w/out a dope post to step to. i've been on the grind or like it says on the salida for the bruckner off of the whitestone ONTHERUN. march and april have been pleasantly busy with work, gigs, practice, promotions, recordings, trying to get life in order and other assorted madness. highlights

Temple 05 with machismo redefined wow fellas is all i can say. shouts to nathan p chance and the new cat ove killing it

BU 05 thank yall thank yall thank yall for a heart warming show. yall acted like familia and i was able to get all 10473 with yall

cherry lounge 05 brand new club up on 129th and amsterdam. not a poetry spot at all but i tried to do my ting ting and those who were listening enjoyed. shouts to startac and uptown saturday knights .

big ups to my man boogie and marlena for the show out at barnes and nobles in park slope. hope some of yall can stop by the site and you eventually find your voices. fate v circumstance destiny v self determination. damn. deep.

next up viaje a republica dominicana. i've been meaning to make this trip ever since teri went there a while ago and found love there. but it took on even more meaning when i started teaching and 90 percent of my kids are from there. the largest fastest growing latino population in nyc. ejima made the itinerary and off we go.

-stayed for a few nights in puerto plata. first spot was campo. seen little naked negritos wandering around with no shoes throwing rocks. goats cows chickens burros. all this is new for the city rat. didn't get the chance to go to the beach b/c the playa is overrun by tourists where for the natives they get the trash on the beach. walked along the malecon had some incredible sofy's desayuno polanco's and tamtam for dinner. went to the museo de ambar got some brugal and seen stars and moon like never before. todo por diez is an exotic 99 cent store.

-next off to bonao on caribe tours bus. by far supercedes greyhound by leaps and bounds. why can't the mta be this nice. bus driver was a little reckless though. dropped off on a corner with mad motorconchos and gustavo our cab driver had no idea where rancho wendy's in los quemados is at. it is CAM-PO. wow yall. everyone should thank god for what they got not like this is better than that, but i'm blessed with the hood. seen runaway burros, comedor luz banging pollos con spaghetti, super jumbo cheap presidentes, and mountains. i'm gonna post some pictures in a while, but once again the city rat was amazed and thoroughly inspired. no street lights at 8 is like midnite. finally met pun. in my dreams. passed it to him, he was like "that shit you spit up there was hot, keep doing it man". no lie yall, i felt the presence there. what up pun. then in the morning went across rio yuna en bonao where fierce waves almost washed me away. shout out to tingo por salvando mi vida. hiked up cordillera central in adidas and waded en una cascada and got pieces of the earth. essence yall, the kid who knows concrete was messing around in the mud walking with a cane through rivers. puerto rico here i come. god bless.

-finally after i hurt my foot (bruised at the ball of my foot) and a stop for some roadside lechon and presidente, we make our way to santiago, where they still have a huge monument to trujillo right in the middle of the city. it is the center of commerce and industry and for the first time i see mcdonalds and pizza hut there. i also see security guards with shottys and police officers with m16s. we just chilled out at hodelpa centro plaza watching cable and giggling at the bullsh*t bush was kicking in his press conference. also that woman who faked her kidnapping. if any of yall do that, i will not be f*cking with yall no more.

final report? relaxing challenging encouraging maturing inspiring breathtaking (literally walking up the mountain and across the rivers with these lungs? oh no...) thoughts changing. shapes rearranging.

understand that life is real all over. everyone trying to survive.
"life is vicious times is hard got people praying on they knees look to the sky seeking god..."

holla at me folks. i will be here.

punto y paz y cambio

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JoselynVasquez said...

Hey anthony, it's me Joselyn I really enjoyed the way you explian yourself breathely. I really feel glad that your foot is better and that you are still my english teacher, and not some other fool. I also liked the pictures taken over their. "D.R rules", and so do you.