what's good-

your boy morales been on the grind all over the place
-rocking at the nuyorican
-doing a fiction workshop at a public school in east harlem
-miccheck showcase at the cherry lounge
-building with peoples
-watching crazy movies, Star Wars is banging, Unleashed is just aight, Kicking and Screaming is hilarious, and that Freestyle Documentary is a little dated.
-Do people know about Knockouts DVD vol 1-4? see if you can find the bootlegs because these are amazing for all those boxing fans outthere check it out.
-I know I'm late but Diego Corrales v Jose Luis Castillo was easily the best fight of the year
-Trinidad v Winky i know please don't ask....
-COMMON!!!! BE IS A BANGER!!!! it's your world is the shiznit.....
-I'm finally in the ipod world. thing is amazing to have most of your music at your fingertips.
-Thanks yall for putting me on to the Mars Volta. track 6 off deloused is my jammy jam
-that def poetry season 2 DVD is out. your boy morales is on there reppin for the hood. cop it, whether at 125th or official, it makes no difference, none of the poets are seeing money off that anyway.
-shouts out to people making it here from www.migente.com. please check out www.undercoverent.com for more info on me.
-back on the subject of freestyle, that dvd let me know that there's a difference between underground freestyle and fight klub battle sh*T.
-if anyone wants my throwback CD with some new ish, holla it will be hot off the presses.

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