RIP Curly

rest in peace fams. you was a good man. left behind like 5 seeds. we called you the hood ODB. i remember many occasions, mostly cutting on people and playing ball. don't really remember like the first time i met you, but just like started saying what's up. last thing i recall is that oversized big pun shirt you sold me for like 10 bucks. i got the news from the go. i was all messed up in the head because it's like we young, how we thinking about death so soon? did it right in the memory of, just the way you would have wanted it. checked all the news nothing. but it is hood news. everyone knows. everyone misses you. passed by the building crazy candles and crazy notes with bottles and cigars. stay up homie. keep smiling down on us. tell all the peoples from the block to hold us down here till we get there.

RIP Raheem Spruill
RIP Eddie Bauer
RIP C Sparxx
RIP CURLY 1982-2006
Sackwern Soundview Clason Point Hood Alumni

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