guess who's bizzack

what's really good mi gente?

been a minute don't know if anyone checks this but yo!

i'm living

a beautiful thing

quick wrap

hit the studio
recorded a few jawns
worked in summer school
flashback el puente hiphop showcase FIRE
harlem book fair
hartford ct
western carolina university
miami my bro had twins!!! props to james and k holding it down
little jaz and kali are beautiful

that's a funny site

i've always been low on the cyber tip
suprised i'm even writing this

school is crazy. el puente has been kicked out its building.
check out the website www.elpuente.us for the scoop.
politics in new york is crazy

the wire is next level this season. i think somewhere back
i probably scribbled about the corner but baltimore is nuts.
props to people in the struggle all around the world in the hoods.

we gotta elevate yall. plain and simple. if i can't write something
that can put it real like that then what up.

the male ego is real. big up to kayo buddha chief jamaal butta claudia sol
making it happen. here's to more and more....

hip hop is outta control
as usual recommendations for your ear:
mental mixtape madness fall 06

hi-tek and nas common marsha - music for life FIRE
any new styles bottom to the top
new jigga kingdom come
billy paul war of the gods (sample for luda)
john legend again (get yr freak on)
termanology watch how it go down (lawrence stand up)
lil wayne georgia bush (political weezy)
any ransom this dude is hungry
black ice death of willie lynch (inspiration)
skyzoo stop fooling yrself (9th classic with deep lyrics)
lupe fiasco - cool (hiphop quotable about our ills)

my peoples let's build. i'mma be back.


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