coqui loco

Bronx Coqui

sings from rooftops to be recognized anonymously

inhales toxic chronic air making voice raspy

jumps from puddle to puddle looking for lilypads

makes wishes on dandelions to transport
him back to island oasis paradises

hears faint bongos through the barrios

screams with the loneliness of his displacement

wants to remix caribbean cuisine
like jerk mofongo or curry pernil

has front row seats for the parade
that reminds him of la perla he will never see

visits las bodegas in the afternoon
for a pickmeup cafecito con leche

takes express rides uptown on gypsy cabs
to transfer to the crosstown bus

Orchard Beach man made sand
distant memories of Ocean Park

landed on soft concrete messing
with shock absorbtion in Kermit's knees

comes from long lines of boricuas
who left behind madre tierra for concrete jungla
like Burgos Millan Casillas Rodriguez

has all the Morales he needs
to ribbit his way up mean streets

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