i did it for my dawgz

Veinte Seis

Whole bunch of homies going to rehab
For poor choices they made when they were younger

Can’t really ignore the hunger
Just becomes a dull empty sensation

So much temptation surrounded by negativity
From the moment you walk to the store

What is the core of your origins
Did you have a rocky beginning

Was the middle so tumultuous
You could never recover

How much are you trying to discover
Would you even search the public library

For informational handouts
That might push you in the right direction

Don’t deal with perception
Engage with the realness never shown
On the media with makeup shine

Refine how you define peace of mind
Paradise should never be based on turbulence

Within puddles in potholes
You will seldom find rainbows of pots of gold

There is a hold on your account
Due to late fees

That have suspended your borrowing privileges
So you will never grab anything on credit

So much weight on the arm starting to be dislocated
Mental so crooked needs to be straightened

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