reality is duality

How does it feel looking through the veil
Mostly cloudy obscure bulletproof glass reflection

Behind fried food in front of fanatical freedom
Too much America blanca not enough brown Latinos

Yet sometimes poquito is just enough
Sofrito suave never rough as it blends the spices

Sensory memory still got the melodies
Bassline right underneath tongue right

Razor sharp redefinition rewriting
Claims to authenticity based on

Handed down horrorscopes focused
Assassinating any attempt to overcome apathy

Ever after hardly happily more like tragedy
Right before understanding shortcomings

Of country conditioned by conquerors
What is the leftover you were saving to throw away

Today’s possibility faded soon as sunset parked in sky
Night time will reveal all the details hidden

Didn’t think your stories could be written
So crowd could listen to visions

Putting you somewhere different
Paranormal position opposite of ultra regular

Must think better of self than exotic muck
Stop selling short

So quick to go broke
Where is that heavenly buck

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