mira maestro

Professional Development

How can you develop
As a professional teacher

When nowhere in the conversation
Is how this affects poor children

Barely can follow directions
And you expect a lifeless machine

To give them all the answers
When none of the knowledge is real
Not applied to future human contact

Where in the contract does it say
Students become the objects of their education

Slice off top half off brain
And pour books into lovely lobotomy

So much monotony of point and click
When the point is to sit instead of take a stand

Easy to understand who sees over you

Want the easy identification
Can examine your soul with 10 True and False

Initiative to instigate fuse ignited
On hot cheeks with dynamite
About to explode all over buns

No fund you can trust
When culture becomes cookie cutter

No mention of hot peas and butter
After school conversations
About bringing yo ass straight home
So we constantly know your whereabouts

Whenever you blink there isn’t enough time
To think about brink of insanity

Tiptoeing the edge without knowledge
Of gravity forces conspiring to bring
You down to uncomfortable concrete
Cemetery stellar highlights
As a dropout who denies personal responsibility

Blaming a victim
In foggy mirrors copywritten

Impersonation of teacher facilitating
Learning in digital age with unlimited divide

How can we rebuild the chasm
Zenith to abyss plummet to summit

Vomit your textbook raps
With plagiarized facts

Never got a chance
To check the sources with credible elders
Whose pores breathe freedom

Brilliant mysteries
Kept as dusty histories

Recognize your privilege
To ever ask Why?
On a quest for truth

Please don’t disrespect
My intelligence
Or try to spit in my 3rd eye

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