no need to claim what i is....

Tipico Trademarked

How many coquis will have to be sacrificed
how much coquito will I have to guzzle

will I have to bathe every scar in Bacardi
drown my depression in Don Q

tattoo Vaya and Punto across my knuckles

memorize every Marc Anthony
flow with Frankie Ruiz

ain't we all searching for  that cura

but Miky showed me
no bodeguero will sell you a dream
much less give you a loose on credit

torture myself until my artist credentials
are certified by the latinati gatekeepers

perfecting my code switching Bronx Acento
with no barbed wire fences between the barrio
and academy forcing us to define ourselves

until every other Boricua is the enemy
they don't agree with  your prescription
for Puerto Rico's future

still confined to hidden history unpublished
so pieces of Pa'lante

have perished cherishing beach front
Florida condos far from the puercos bajando

overcooking a well done stake in silly game

to claim whoever has been closest
to the creators of that la carreta lane

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