I'm sorry

Lo Siento
Must make up for past transgressions
Prior trespasses forbidden to remember

Mere mention brings instant giggles
Rushing to get your teeth scraped

How much plaque you got behind your wisdom
Keeping your language outta control

Please back up
I’m not comfortable with your fresh

Make a move or take your sweet time
Wasting away being a breath of stale air

Mad baggy and tight at the same damn moment
Superior mumbling interior crumbling

Accent on the wrong syllable
Particular criminal speaking slang
Without understanding the origins

No need to prove yourself
Keep those stories quiet

Let your actions speak at loud volume
Could never be contained by surrounding sympathies

Please grind as quick as you please
Disarm the invisible enemy

Confused by your guerilla tactics
Contacted by divine spirits

Takes plain courage to sell candy for chump change
In the face of invisibility ignoring you

Daring you to stake claim for recognition
Don’t ever forget what is the purpose

Open and close your own eyes
Make and sleep in your own bed

Make wise decisions
No need to ever be nervous

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