excuse me ladies and gentlemen....

Veinte Seis

Selling some candy to save my life
Hope your sweet tooth will deliver me off this express train

One way ticket to where I been dreaming
The confections man has arrived

Grinding after school rush hour to give you that snack
Peanut m & m’s skittles snickers

Speak up closed mouth don’t get fed please don’t whisper
Give me maybe a lil more than dollar

You see this sugar in the flesh
But there’s a lot of rain you might not see me tomorrow

All this drama sleeping on the subway
Benches almost like memory foam

I know I’m not alone
We should from a Candy Workers Union

Shut down the newspaper stand poisoning your brain
Me I’m giving hope to the people

Just riding the grain not flushing my life down the drain
Like empty racist Arizona can

Full of high fructose like duck hunting
Might be the next one bucked down for fun

I’m running this marathon waiting for someone
To give me a fresh drink

Think about all your sweet memories
I could possibly provide

Don’t know how much more time
We have left to survive

Whatever remains I’m just trying
To get mines

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