to all my loved ones

Descanse en Power

Everything must change
Constant movement non stop elevation

Eventual decay inevitable spinning
Round similar spots while shifting

Testing feasting famine maintenance
Motivation reflection of sun’s essence

Energy redistributed shaped renewed
Gather different perspectives
For future analysis past and present

Combined into perpetuality
Surface to core beneath concrete

Bedrock molten magma distracted
Dogma separated from church and state

Manmade concepts designing structure
For world floating in universe

Multiplied by many possibilities
Body parts broken down by overuse

Fatigue stress on the function
Junction of emjambed joints
Pain absorbed at every point

Experimenting with brand new horizons
Mistakes are new chances to learn
How it should actually be done

Study archives to see how you will thrive
Give our people a chance to survive

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Frank Pinto said...

eyyy Anthony this is dope, Frank Pinto here. I was just youtubing some spoken word looking for some inspiration and stumbled upon this. Glad to see you're still writing homie!