love is the remedy

all that love confused running out of crib
searching for what is right in front of face

in that case crib shall be the salvation
how could you never be inspired
by your son's cries

wipe the tears from your eyes
so much more to see

push him to run free
no need to hold hand will be able to run

find his purpose searching between cracks
what you  lack is proper perspective

enough to get the crowd going on your better behalf
so worldly
yet only been right around the block

homing device from
fried chicken bacon wrapped bubbleguts

so nervous who to trust
only wife and child few blesseed brothers

sharing blood experience sweat
defeat regret come up come back
like never left every day

pass life's test be the best you can
possibly raw roaring loud lion of judah

everything you do for jeem & pupa

doesn't matter how many mics you can rip
can you possibly put your son to sleep

no crying only gentle rocking
jazz serenading a lullaby to close those eyes

searching within yourself for a proper groove
no need to choose

we just wait for you
to keep breathing laughing running pointing
talking loving hugging

big baby fang
lil Amari Anthony Mohan Morales

never want you to have the burden of my shame
no chips on shoulders

violent temper tantrum
all attitudey for no exact reason

just be going through those blues
digging off that funk
without regaining inspiration for your rhythm

about to do so much
with what we provide

steaming will drop regeneration from the sky

those words you speak
will be beautiful harmony
luxury to make tomorrow shine

reminded of simpler days
when any beef was a Mami burger

how much have we grown
keep pushing the world further

don't let anyone define your identity

whenever you are stressed
love is the remedy

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