unlearn your colonialism

What is the praxis in your practice

Sum it up to how you been acting
Professional regurgitation such elation

Can’t be waiting cooped up droopy synopsis
Of the ellipsis exhibited prohibited

Wish the moments weren’t temporary
Fleeting meeting sunnier horizons pictures

We could capture add up everything
Dying slowly but you keep living

Despite earlier warning signs keep grooving
Fortuitous timing forever shining reminded

Of simpler days when politics were background
Scandal spinning in circles to take a two step

Dizzy on the balcony
Close enough to see eagles attempting to
Attack your character antagonize pimp game

What remains how can you withstand
Why did you punch me with no regard

To my disparate emotions
No disclaimer to my party armor

Explaining why did you rage
All the excluded details minus the stink

Bring yourself to the brink imbalanced
While you still drink the blood of ancestors

Who carried you
Taught you to believe
Your sangre as religion

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