despierta jovencito

Wake up Students

Incredible amounts of self doubt
Infinite second guessing

Lonely enough to crowd island
Want the world to change
But won’t begin to organize

Lack of confidence
With every compliment

More self conscious
Quiet around who you need to
Ask questions and guidance

Not so sure of survival
Perhaps manana
Will wake with new found
Over standing so won’t be
Sitting under self deprecation

Putting down powers within
Caught in whirlwind running
Around reason with no rhythm

Asking for a dance
Worried about rejection

Let’s read because I haven’t read
Since I was in pre k

Barely learned my ABCs
Can do the math fluidly
But can’t figure out
A theme resolution
Or any characterization

Mine as well still be
On the plantation
Because freedom hidden
Deep in middle of book
Never to be opened

Hoping the message will
Bounce across the sky
Fall right on me

Why are you stressing
Making this an issue

Trying to pass off
Something for free

Perhaps you might move
We could sit here all day
Just be assholes to each other
Or we could give each other
A chance to do something

Different like going beyond
What is expected of you
Which is the world

Rotating in your palms
How would you shake it up
Break it up not you just me

Right now really want to be
Friends of it all possible

Uneasy effort shocking to you
But the end result is proving
Your abilities to yourself

The immediate is directly
Tied to your wealth

Unacceptable limit of
Your account when you bounce
There is the fall and the rise

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