follow up

How do you teach with passion
Faced with incredible amounts of apathy

So much it starts to infect your attitude
With no chance of recovery

In a position of discovery new knowledge
Embrace the same old shit
Allow the corner to infiltrate your soul

Easy to say fuck college
My future is gonna be poppin
I’m a be the best doctor in Brooklyn
Even though I can’t read or write
Life is crazy now
But I swear I can pray away the pain
Just like I can dodge rain
Hold up the thunder

Whatever shorty good luck and god bless
I got a degree from Columbia
I can still be locked up

It came from trying to be the best
On every level I was a high achieving student
Way before I met devils in the street

Peace existed within the closed confines
Of a still heavenly healthy temple

A whole lot of motivation within mental
Eventually you might have to display your intelligence

When you read the fine print to your severance package
Placing you amongst the ranks of the unemployed

Too much noise not enough concentration
Dedication but absolutely impatient

Time catches up to them
Realizing they haven’t learned anything since grade school
But are on the honor roll for being cool

Every rule was constructed to be broken
Hoping prosperity will become theirs as quickly
As they can fantasize about fatality
Reality only matters if they have high ratings
When you are high what brain cells are you saving

How much are you actually creating
Debating your demons elevating your energy

Half of your destiny tied to enemies you allow
To control your fate

Other tied to faith freely
Following your shadows avoiding the light

Every night getting closer to future but wanting
To run to the past where smiles were permanently
Tattooed on trademark mask

Never too many questions to ask
Because clarity is uncertain

Hardly doing anything
I’m not doing nothing
When you supposed to be working

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