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#1 Sports Heckler Otra Vez

Well, well, well. All that glitters ain’t golden. Just ask Oscar De La Hoya. Golden Boy was destroyed by Manny Pacquiao who came up in weight to pummel his opponent. I have never seen Oscar look so lost so dazed so confused. His face looked like a piñata, his will sucked away by a much more hungry fighter. Give it up, nino de oro. Oscar told Freddie Roach, his former trainer, “You’re right, Freddie. I don’t have it anymore.” Epiphanies pop into your brain after having your ass handed to you. Like it is easier to sit back and promote overpriced fights than actually being inside the ring. I’m sure after the 45 punches Oscar absorbed during the 7th round, he was mentally doing the Macarena on the beach, far from the abuse he was receiving. A beat down can make you realize many things. Mike Tyson wanted to eat Lennox Lewis’ kids alive, but after the fight he praised how much he loves Lewis’ moms. An uppercut will turn on the light bulbs.
Speaking of flashing lights, CC Sabathia is about to sign the largest pitching contract in baseball history for the New York Yankees. While I’m usually behind any move the Bombers make, I think we overpaid for the Brown Behemoth. I hope I stand corrected. But why give a guy even more money to come play somewhere he didn’t want to go? I’m sure the extra 21 million dollars provided some incentive to motivate the West Coast product out east to withstand the storm of the media frenzy. All my concerns aside, he is a Cy Young winner and carried the Brewers to the playoffs so I hope that success translates in the Big Apple. The histories of big money pitchers are not too sweet, but let’s hope and pray for the Taxpayer Titans.
With that, I hope that you don’t get knocked out, and you too can purchase your own free agent along with your newly funded stadium for whatever price you like. Happy Holidaze!!!

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