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#1 Sports Heckler in the Twilight Zone

“The ones who want it don’t ever get it….the ones who have it don’t even want it.”
-El Puente Academy students on the American Dream

Seems strange the above enlightenment coming form the youth. When we look at the American Dream, sad but true so many youth of color only see athletes or entertainers. Now when the youth became superstars, they don’t leave their young ways behind. The prime examples of old models, not role models are Plaxico Burress and Stephon Marbury.
First Plaxico. An incredible talent with a history making catch in the Super Bowl last year, Burress wore out his welcome by missing practice earlier this year but put the icing on the cake by pulling a Cheddar Bob in 8 Mile, shooting himself in the right thigh. That was the most expensive bullet in NFL history because it cost him the remainder of his contract (27 million plus dollars) and the rest of his season. He put the Giants’ season of dreams in jeopardy by removing a key player who could have helped them repeat as Super Bowl champs. Now I understand the necessity of packing heat being a millionare target, but it was wrong place, wrong time and self inflicted. I could see if he got shot by someone else, heaven forbid. But he harmed himself and made Plaxico Burress the center of attention. There is no I in team, but certainly one in ignorant. Cono, Plax you should have stayed home and watched Rudy on demand.
Speaking of staying home, Stephon Marbury has been excommunicated from the New York Knicks. Donnie Walsh has banned him from the team for refusing to play in two games. Steph was once loved, admiered, and idolized in the streets of New York. A city legend from Coney Island, he was one of the best point guards ever to grace a playground. He has now turned into a nightmare for Knicks fans. He has put himself above his hometown team and he’s not even playing. A nut on and off the court, his bugged out behavior has alienated his longtime hardcore supporters (myself included). From Isiah’s trial to Bruce Beck’s Miked Up (youtube it), to his lack of trust in D’Antoni, to almost being knocked out by Quentin Richardson and Kurt Thomas, Marbury’s star is buried. The best thing he got going for him are the Starbury Steve and Barry sneakers for record sale prices. I’m going to get me a pair today, not to support Steph, but because I love cheap kicks. I also love my students, who know that these American Dreams we are being sold, are never worth buying.

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