word up son despierta

Word Up son despierta

There is a schism in your soul
Somewhere lurking behind your confidence
Dark depression is waiting around the corner
Wanting your security to slip
Paid minimum wage and no attention
Inspiration been getting bored at the job
Wanting to take a permanent vacation
Perhaps relocate with a more community
Minded brother with more dedication
To his craft which has so much potential
But there he goes out the door about to run
Down the same streets so many done got
Gold medals in ghetto forgetting nothing
Remembering everything that don’t mean
Something so much of the world depends on
Perception which you been lacking lately
Did I mean perspective either way adds up
To the sum of zero gain faulty assumption
Shaky planning leaves you standing in rain
Palms full of tears god has cried on your behalf
You won’t get anymore blessings
He has done lost too much sleep too much hair
Too many wrinkles mad back pain pacing back
And forth trying to figure out your destiny
Not an easy dude to work with you know
So damn stubborn want things your way
Like just you gonna get out the hood
Just you want freedom just you want love
These are elemental human desires pa
Everyone around you is scrapping scraping
As much if not more and here you are
Bended knee old crucifix hands together
Prayer like the next poem you wish you could
Write your way into heaven hustle the doorman
For free admission and perhaps if he feeling cool
A free drink longing for the trip to the final resting
Will be comfy cozy easy even cono pana
I won’t try to g you or gas you
Your voice about to leave you
If you lucky you might catch her
Receive pity break up sex
before she gets on that bus
Outta town to parts unknown

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