Beyond bullshit drowning you til you can’t breathe

Beyond bochinche bouncing off your brain

Beyond the block barricading you to the barrio

Beyond visions of video thuggery

Beyond the sun smiling while setting

Beyond your body image looking like the magazines

Beyond the perfection of your rolling r’s

Beyond the timing of your two step

Beyond the ideals of utopian American society

Beyond stuck on stereotypes

Beyond being broke as evaluation of self worth

Beyond meeting hate with hate

Beyond identifying your identity with your occupation

Beyond qualifying your intelligence with your education

Beyond the boxes you are asked to check

Beyond name brands slicing up your self esteem

Beyond repeating the same lies over and over again

Beyond the jails confining your justice

Beyond twenty second sound bites to sum up your soul

Beyond accolades glitz glam and prizes

Beyond commercials commanding your cash

Beyond bad credit condemning you to craziness

Beyond spiral types of cycles bringing you back

Beyond accepting your fate as a give away

Beyond waking up not looking forward to day

Beyond going to sleep with a hardened heart

Beyond clouds not containing chaos

Beyond skies simplicity use soul’s synchronicity

Beyond allowing the mirror to look ugly

Beyond waiting for the world to throw you a happy hour

Beyond talking up the release date still nothing drop

Beyond settling for less mediocre obscurities

Beyond the zenith

Beyond good meaning

Beyond just dreaming

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