really real

Graphically drastic

Magically tragic

Stretched out like the fabric

Of holy underwears

He was a paradox

Perfectly flawed

So broken he was together

Smiling while crying

Laughing while bawling

Walking while crawling

Cracked concrete felt

Like feathers across ashy skin

So smooth the bumps

Were oily slopes softly firm

Found comfort in squirming

Doing nothing was his way of learning

Spending was earning

Making it rain was saving

Cool composed relaxed when body aching

His awakening falling deeper asleep

While going acapella he found his own beat

All the hate felt like love

Going below the surface was rising above

So down bottom felt like up top

He thought if he let go

He would float not drop

To keep going only means to stop

Continual motion really was steady posting

The corners chaos kept him calm

Only got the moisture of his hand inside empty palms

The wind chill kept him warm

Seeing his own breath made him sweat

Airing out his bizness was the only secret he kept

Others success made him bitter

Liquor became fruit juice

Getting incredibly tight was really rather loose

Truth a bundle of innocent lies

Eyes merely mirrors of lonely dark ghetto

Where voices echo is your conscience

Calling you to collective action

Not passing the time like murder of minutes

Assassination of seconds

Using words as weapons silence as a shield

Whatever is real is actually fake

What he face looks like worst nightmare

But those demons and devils become best friends

Wish he could start all over

But too quickly he at the end

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